How we work!

Omenaa is a web service through which we can now all help children and young people in Africa. Our goal is to reach as many Sub Saharan African countries as possible. Currently, we are inventorying projects for four countries: Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Ghana.

There are two foundations that make up the service: Hatima - responsible for the development of the application and its technical maintenance and Omenaa Foundation whose aid projects are presented on the website.

One of the most important pillars of the Omenna Foundation is Education and this is what we really want to focus on - providing aid to help educational development in places where it is visibly scarce.

The founder of the foundation Omenaa Mensah believes that it is only through education that the children of the poverty-stricken parts of Africa get a better chance at their lives. It is not food, clothing or other donations but education that will be the greatest gift the children can get.

One of the projects which is currently taking place is the construction of a school in Tema (Ghana) alongside the DON BOSCO CHILD PROTECTION CENTRE (DBCPC) for street children who have no access to general education. By giving your support, you will witness the development of an amazing place, which will be able to educate up to 144 young Africans every year.

DBCPC is run by father Bosco's Silesians of the West Africa Anglophone Province. Unofficially, the centre started its operations on 13 March 2014 when the first group of children was delivered by the Ghana Police. The centre has so far taken care of around 70 children whose biggest dream is to get educated in order to gain independence and escape poverty.

We admire and respect Salesians for their work and commitment over the many years of their operation in this region. The person we are in close cooperation with is father Piotr Wojnarowski, a Polish Salesian permanently stationed in Ghana.

The issue with general education is quite complex, especially in the poorer regions. The level and the system of education in Ghana still requires a lot of work and reform. Literacy is at a very low level and the statistics for the poorer areas are close to shocking. Not only is it common to voluntarily give up education before the sixth form but also 70% of those who graduate cannot read or speak English correctly or do basic mathematical equations.

If you care, then fund a bursary for our children. You may choose one or more students and provide and support their studies for a month, semester, year or make a donation of your choice to help their education.

Help African children get the education they deserve !!!

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