Peter 11 years


Hello! My name is Peter. I am 11 years old and dark in complexion.My favourite colour is yellow. I am trying to help my mother in the kitchen anytime I am at home because I always love to be around her. My parents are facing financial problem because of that is making it difficult for them to pay for my school fees.
Peter is in the primary school and he likes to play football, volleyball and drum. His biggest dream is to become a policeman and also an educationist. The best friend is Emmanuel and his idol is Vivian, his class teacher.The number of his family members is eleven. The mother is a fishmonger whiles the father is a fisherman. He has eight siblings.Two of his siblings have completed Senior High School, three have refused to go to school and three are attending school. The parents are encountering financial difficullties because of that they can not afford money to pay for his school fees. Omenaa

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