Selasi 9 years


Hello! My name is Selasi and I come from Atsiavi in the Volta Region of Ghana. My best colour is white and I like to be eating rice with stew everyday because I really enjoy it. My favourite subject is mathematics. I prefer playing with my friends and I always wash my bowl after eating.
The number of Selasi's family members is thirteen. The father is dead whiles the mother is sick. He has eleven siblings: five brothers and six sisters but they are all not attending school. Since the mother is sick and with the large family size it is very difficult to even acquire a meal a day. Selasi is now being assisted by Don Bosco Child Protection Centre. He is in primary school and love to play football. His most deeply dream is to become a pilot and also to help the poor and the siblings as well. His favourite friend is Etornam and his idol is father Mathew, the director of Don Bosco Child Protection Centre. Omenaa Omenaa Omenaa Omenaa Omenaa


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